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Church vestments and fabrics

Church vestments and fabrics

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Orthodox bishop's vestments for sale

Bishop's vestments are a special set of liturgical garments that are used by the highest church hierarchs – bishops, archbishops, metropolitans and patriarchs for the celebration of the Divine Liturgy and other church sacraments.

The liturgical bishop's clothing consists of a sackosnik, a sakkos, an epitrachili, a club, a small and large omophorion, a belt, a sulok, a bishop's miter, a pectoral cross and a panagia, a staff. During solemn processions and ceremonies at the entrance to the temple, the bishop's mantle with tablets is used, which is worn over the cassock.

Priests and bishops put on the sleeves of the priestnik with cuffs or oversleeves. Deacons put them on the sleeves of the bed.

Armbands are worn on both sleeves and signify God's authority, strength and wisdom, which are given to His servants to perform Divine ordinances. The sign of the cross, bracers mean that not the hands of priests are human, but the Lord Himself performs the sacraments through them by His Divine power. This meaning of the arms is reflected in the prayers when they are worn for the service of the Liturgy.

The history of the emergence of othodox bishop's vestments is rooted in Christian antiquity. Initially, during the time of the early Christian communities, it was difficult to trace the difference between bishops and presbyters. Only later these ranks began to acquire significant differences. The same thing happened with the liturgical garments. The most ancient bishop's garnments known are phelonion and omophorion. It was the priestly phelonion, originally just a top cloak with a hole for the head, that was the main liturgical clothing of bishops until the beginning of the 11th century.

The modern bishop's garment, known as “sakkos” (Greek: σάκκος, from Hebrew saq – sackcloth) appears in the 11th century. Initially, these were coarse robes that were worn during fasting or for repentance. However, at that time among the imperial robes in Byzantium there was a garment similar in shape to sakkos, called the dalmatic. The dalmatic is the formal attire of the imperial ceremonial. Often the Byzantine Emperors presented the bishops with similar clothes that they wore for solemn services. Due to the similarity of the form with sakkos, this name also passed to the dalmatic, which is now always called “sakkos”.

Bishop's vestments are garments worn by bishops during their worship and church ceremonies. The main distinctive clothing of the bishop (omophorion) has two forms: the small and the great. Small, as its name implies, is much shorter. The hierarchs wear a great omophorion from the beginning of the Liturgy to the reading of the Holy Apostle. The rest of the bishop's attire includes a sticharion (altar server robe, podriznik), epitrachelion, zone (belt), epimanikia (cuffs) and sakkos, all made from one type of fabric. Each of the elements of the vestments can be made to order, taking into consideration the requirements specified by the client. For example, a client can make adjustments to the length of the robe or the sleeves, the width of the shoulders, etc. High-quality church clothes are presented on our website, sewn in accordance with all church canons and rules.

Despite the fact, that you can buy bishop's garnments in almost any church shop, very often you can stumble upon low-quality goods. Why is this so? And the thing is in the materials that are used for sewing vestments. You should not look for the lowest prices and immediately buy the product you liked. First you need to ask the seller from which country are the materials they use. High-quality church clothing are sewn from fabrics of Ukrainian or Greek production.

All vestments presented in our online store are made only of high-quality materials of domestic and foreign production. Strong and practical fabrics, good threads with smooth and reliable seams that will not come apart.