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Deacon's vestments 10695

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Deacon's vestments 10695
Product Code: 10695
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Fabric: Silk
Finishing: Greek Boulder (galoon), velvet
Cross: machine embroidery
Color of the fabric: Burgundy
Lining: Satin
High-quality accessories and high-quality metal buttons.

The customer can change the composition of the vestments, choose another fixture or color of the fabric.
About us

Welcome to the Church Vestments and Fabric Shop. We would like to get you acquainted with our high-quality products. Our shop is engaged in the sewing of bishops, priests, deacon's vestments, stiharions, sets for needs, orarions, vestments for the altar table, chalice covers, shrouds and other objects for church decoration.

We also manufacture and create embroidered products of any complexity.

The customer can always choose our embroidery design or choose their own.

We use high-quality fabrics and fittings produced by Greece, India, Italy, Germany and Ukraine to make vestments.

We offer a wide range of Greek brocade and silk, Indian brocade, handmade brocade from Tibet, local fabrics, Greek galoon, decorated ribbon, fringe and hand-made tassels.

Ready-made vestments and other products are always available for sale at an affordable price. If the goods you like are not in our shop, it can be ordered.

The customer can always order custom products of any complexity by sharing their design sketch and project idea.

Size Chart
Size Chart In order for every product we make to be ideal for the customer, it is essential to take the measurements correctly. To make this process as easy as possible, we have placed images from detailed measurement patterns. Each order compiled by us is checked again to match the customers standards.

To order deacon vestments and sticharions, it is necessary to measure the length of the sticharion back and before the length of the sleeve from the shoulder seam, the width of the shoulders (measured on the element from the seam to the seam) the width of the sticharion under the sleeves.
To order an orarion, you need to measure the circumference of the chest, the length of the orarion, and the length to the hem of the orarion.

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