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Церковные облачения и ткани

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Fabric Type Velvet
Manufacturing Technology Embroidery
Fabric color WhiteBlue
Country of origin Ukraine
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Miters 10647Miters 10647
354 USD.
Miters 10444Miters 10444
304 USD.

Miter, the liturgical headdress of the bishop, also came into church use from the imperial court. This can be easily verified by comparing modern miters and headgears of the rulers of ancient Byzantium.

Nowadays, many secular workshops are engaged in sewing bishop vestments. Unfortunately, manufacturers do not always have an idea of ​​the symbolic meaning of bishop's garments and the aesthetics of the archieratical liturgy. The pursuit of uniqueness and individuality often brings disastrous results when sharply contrasting colors and pompous embroidery are combined in vestments. The inadmissibility of such a combination is not always understood by a secular person who is not familiar with the Orthodox liturgical tradition.

To choose the right bishop's vestment, pay attention to the supplier and quality of materials, as well as to the manufacturer. It is preferable if the monastery workshop or just a devout seamstress makes vestments than if this is done by an ordinary sewing factory, which is discovering new types of products and markets.

Our online store offers you a wide selection of original bishop's vestments of various price ranges and colors. Here you can purchase the kind of bishop's vestment that interests you and express your individual requirements for its design. Together with the vestments, you can also pay attention to the miters and engolpia (Panagia), which are presented in our catalog.