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Church fabrics - in our store you will find almost 200 options of traditional and high-quality fabric for sewing and decoration church vestments.

There is an exclusive option, we will tell about it in the description.

So, brocade, silk, gold glitter and amazing patterns. All is here, in the FABRIC section


1. Brocade - (from the Persian word parče - “fabric, matter”) - a heavy silk fabric with a pattern made of metal threads with gold, silver or their alloys with other metals. The base is usually used silk, linen or cotton thread.

This is a traditional fabric that was used hundreds of years ago, it does not lose its position today. Why? The answer is simple, brocade fabric is not only beautiful, it is easy to work with it thanks to obvious advantages:

1. Durable;

2. Long-lasting;

3. Wear-resistant, as it has inclusions of metal or polymer fibers;

4. Keeps form well;

5. Easy to drape;

In this section you will find 140 brocade options, and you will definitely choose the option for yourself.


2. Silk - a smooth and soft fabric made from threads extracted from a silkworm cocoon.

The earliest evidence of the existence of silk came to us from 4000-3000. BC e from China.

In antiquity, most Romans, great lovers of silk, were convinced that the Chinese made fabric from the leaves of trees. Pliny the Elder was more knowledgeable. Speaking of “bombyx” (silkworm), he wrote in his “Natural History”: “they weave like a spider web, which becomes a luxurious fabric for clothes and is called silk.”

The silk thread is close in chemical composition to human hair or animal hair: 97% of it consists of protein, the rest is wax and fats.

Silk has its own unique features:

• High density, wear resistance;

• Smoothness, soft shine and bright overflows;

• Bactericidal and hypoallergenic properties. Silk prevents the growth of bacteria, absorbs unpleasant odors and does not cause allergies.

• Breathability of the tissue does not interfere with skin respiration;

• Hygroscopic, the fabric quickly absorbs sweat and quickly evaporates it;

• Thermoregulation and the ability to adapt to body temperature;

• Wear resistance;

• Beneficial effect on the skin, stimulation of regeneration processes;

 Section "Silk" and types of fabric available on our site. There you can fing exclusive fabrics from Greece.


Church fabrics have been widely used in orthodox life for a long time. It has been used for sewing divine vestments and altar decoration, without which no service or rite can be performed. These are: phelonias, stiharions, orarions, rizas, and required sets. Church textiles are an important part of the decoration of the temple. Among the great variety of fabrics for church purposes is the use of brocade. This is a rather heavy and elegant fabric. The pattern on it is made with stitched metallized threads, what gives the temple a special splendor. 

Divine service vestments of the clergy and the throne come in different colors, depending on the holiday or occasion of the service. On this basis, it is possible to highlight the basic colors of church tissues necessary for each Orthodox parish: 

White is the most solemn color, it is a symbol of the undigested Divine Light. All the Lord's feasts, Lazarev and Holy Sabbath, the memory of the incorruptible Angelic powers, are held in white. This is the colour with which the Easter divine service begins. The clergy also use white vestments during the sacraments: weddings, baptisms, and all funeral services.

Red is the colour of untold love. The main part of the Easter divine service, right up to the Ascension, is performed there. But red is also considered as the colour of blood and suffering. Therefore red vestments are also used on martyrs' remembrance days.
Yellow and gold are the colours of greatness and glory and considered to be the main divine service colours. It is also used on the days of remembrance of prophets and apostles.

Blue is the color of heaven and purity - the Virgin Mary, who in her womb contains Christ.
Green is the Reverend's color, which symbolizes eternal life. It is worn on the day of the Holy Trinity, the Holy Spirit, Palm Sunday and the days of memory of the saints.
Purple - is considered as the color of the Cross. It contains two colors: red (blood) and blue (sky), indicating that the death of Christ on the cross opened the way to heaven. In it serve on the days of memory of the Cross, the Sabbath and the Resurrection of Lent, the first and second finding the head of John the Forerunner.
Black or dark brown is a symbol of repentance and denial. It is considered to be a color of fasting, it accompanies the daily services of Lent.
You can find church fabric of different colours that will help you to celebrate all the Lord's feasts or pick up fabrics that will be a great gift for a priest or bishop.

order and delivery

When ordering church fabric, brocade for sewing, pay attention to the size of the pattern!

On the finished product, it should be located symmetrically and correctly in combination with the location of the crosses on the vestments.

Also, the main material should ideally harmonize with decorative trim, embroidery, fringe, stitched galloons.


We offer only high-quality natural fabrics, wholesale and retail.

Order at our store - is always quality tailoring.

Fabrics are manufactured in Greece, India, Italy, Germany and Ukraine, and we are confident of its composition.

Actual delivery in Europe and the USA.

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