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Embroidered Priest's Vestments


Divine vestment for thousands of years serves as a mandatory attribute of the clergy and must strictly comply with the canons of the Orthodox Church. Clergy vestments and church utensils must have divine beauty to emphasize the closeness of the church to God. Church embroidery on the robes of bishops, priests and deacons has long been done by hand, but gradually this painstaking work was replaced by machine embroidery and later by computer.

History of church embroidery

Traditional embroidery on church vestments is associated with the patroness of needlework - the Mother of God, which is why she is depicted on some scenes icons with a purple thread in his hands. The ability to sew and embroider was considered a sign of diligence and supreme virtue, which is why the embroidered ornaments on the garments of the worshipers are given so much importance.

Rules for church vestments embroidering

Embroidered with metallized or silk thread crosses and ornaments give the clothes a reflection of sanctity and bear the warmth of labor. The machine embroidery on church vestments for all types of clothes is carried out:

-bishop's and priest's vestments;

-stiharion, cassock;

-required sets and orarions;


Each embroidery pattern has its own meaning, it must be of a certain color and be located in the right place. According to church traditions, it is customary to embroider plant ornaments (flowers and leaves), crosses, stories from the Bible, faces of saints, scenes of their lives. Often used the pattern of the vine - a purely Orthodox theme for embroidery weaver. Separate cuffs and clothing pockets are embroidered on request. By tradition, church embroidery is performed by gold or silk thread, but increasingly use the usual thread mouliné. Each color of liturgical vestments has its own meaning: white garment is used for rites of baptism and wedding, blue garments - for the holidays of the Virgin, dark - during the days of Lent.


Opportunities for machine embroidery

Modern computer embroidery on church vestments greatly simplifies the art of embroidery and allows you to create works of art on clothing clergy. Especially impressive are the velvet vestments with embroidered icon of the Virgin or Saviour, with shoulder grape ornament. This type of vestment for the priest is the most popular and must be wear-resistant, so the vestments of the clergy are usually made of velvet or brocade. Opportunities for computer embroidery allow you to carefully apply patterns both on a dense fabric, and on thin silk.

Symbol of purity and spirituality

Embroidered gold and silver thread garments and scarves would be nice gifts. Tenderly embroidered gold necklace in plant ornament on a wagon, colorful embroidery of outerwear - robes, or neatly embroidered poem - will serve as a symbol of spiritual purity and attentiveness. Machine and computer embroidery allows you to create real masterpieces, not deviating from the holy canons of the church.