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Church vestments and fabrics

Church vestments and fabrics

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Orthodox Priest Stole

Stole 11492Stole 11492
308 USD.
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150 USD.
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346 USD.
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280 USD.
Stole 11411Stole 11411
280 USD.
Stole 11410Stole 11410
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Stole 11099Stole 11099
125 USD.
Stole 11098Stole 11098
125 USD.
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250 USD.
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75 USD.
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321 USD.
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346 USD.

Sale of Priest's Orthodox Stoles

Priests spend a lot of time outside the temple, performing spiritual pastoral service, (confession of the sick, weak laymen, separation of mysteries, consecration of premises, etc.).

For this purpose, special clothes are used, not as luxurious as phelon or rice - Priest's Stoles

The set of church stole includes armlets (handrails) and epitrachil:

Sleeves (handrails) are designed to tighten the wide sleeves of the clergy's clothing.

They are an integral part of the bishop's, priest's and deacon's vestments.

The armbands symbolize the hands of the Lord, which helps him to perform the Mysteries for the laymen;

Epitrachyles are an element of the bishop's and priestly vestments, the minimum necessary for priesthood action. It is a long bandage that covers the neck, converges on the chest, and falls down on the ground. It is symbolic of divine grace. No divine service can be conducted without the epiphany, as well as the Holy Mysteries;

And epitrachil and armbands are often sewn from brocade, gabardine, velvet.

At the moment we can produce the required set of velvet and gabardine in all colors that are used for the sacraments:

Quality embroidery with a gold thread is a decoration. If you wish, the decor can be individual.

Buy church vestments optimally from a manufacturer, like us. We have our own production, proven and good quality fabrics, tried fittings and sewing experience, confirmed by numerous reviews.