Church vestments and fabrics

Church vestments and fabrics

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An online shop specializing in the sale of church fabrics and vestments. The sewing workshop performs individual sewing of church vestments and other products of any complexity
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What a priest vestment meansWhat a priest vestment means

Among the multitude of vestments ordered to be worn by the Orthodox Church, one should use those which are put on only during liturgies and according to special episodes, and use those which are worn continually


In ancient times, a phelonion was a round or rectangular piece of white cloth with a hole for the head. It was usually long and wide and served as protection from the rain and wind. Similar garments were worn in daily life by Christ and the apostles. First patriarchs and metropolitans, and later bishops began to wear sakkos as an upper liturgical garment, so the phelonne came to be considered the garment of priests.

Vestments colors meaningVestments colors meaning

Divine service vestments of the clergy and the throne come in different colors, depending on the holiday or occasion of the service. On this basis, it is possible to highlight the basic colors of church tissues necessary for each Orthodox parish

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orthodox Church vestments and fabrics


Welcome to the our store. We would like to get you acquainted with our high-quality products. Our shop is engaged in the sewing of bishops, priests, deacon's vestments, stiharions, orarions, chalice covers, icon stand covers and other goods for church decoration. 

We also manufacture and create embroidered products of any complexity. 

 The customer can always choose our embroidery design or choose their own. 

We use high-quality fabrics and fittings produced by Greece, India, Italy, Germany and Ukraine to produce goods.

 We offer a wide range of Greek brocade and silk, Indian brocade, handmade brocade from Tibet, local fabrics, Greek galoon, decorated ribbon, fringe and hand-made tassels.

 Ready-made products are always available for sale at an affordable price. If the goods you like are not in our shop, it can be ordered. 

 The customer can always order custom products of any complexity by sharing their design sketch and project idea.




"Oblachenie" is engaged in manufacturing of vestments and other products necessary for daily liturgical life. Over the years of our work, we have proven ourselves as a reliable manufacturer of the highest quality church accessories and have many satisfied customers from all over the world.

We offer both expensive festive and quality affordable vestments for everyday use.


 You can order from our store:

- Parochial and embroidered bishop's vestments

- Russian and Greek, both brocade and embroidered priest's vestments

- Sticharions (Proto-deacon, Diaconate, Sub-deacon and Acolyte)

- A priest’s stiharion with a variety of embroidery or galoon

- Double and single orarions with or without embroidery

- Headware (mitre, skufya, klobuk)


We offer a wide range of Greek brocade and silk, Indian brocade, handmade fabrics from Tibet, local fabrics, Greek galoon, fringe and hand-made tassels.

On the site, we always have sale ready-made vestments available and other products at an affordable price. If the product you like is not available in our shop, you can always order the product of any complexity by sharing your design sketch and project idea.