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Bishop’s vestments – liturgical attire of hierarchs (bishops, archbishops, metropolitans and patriarchs).

These are complex vestments. It traditionally include:

All elements of clothing carry a deep symbolism. They emphasize the importance of the ministry of bishops as successors of the holy apostles.


(podriznik) is a liturgical vestment of a priest and a bishop worn instead of an outer cassock at a liturgy.

It’s an ankle-length sleeved garment. Flared hem is decorated with embroidery or fringe. Sticharion is made mainly of white fabric, the color of which symbolizes the purity of thoughts and wedding clothes.

The neckline is round, without a collar. The sleeves are long and narrow, complemented by gammata. (Gammata – decorative ribbon tightening the sleeve at the wrist. They symbolize the blood of Christ flowing from His wounds.)


is the outer garment of the bishop. Sticharion and epitrachelion are worn under it. Sakkos symbolizes the humility of Jesus Christ and His robe.  It first appeared in Byzantium in the 14th century: the right to wear a sakkos was granted by the Byzantine emperors to the Patriarchs of Constantinople. By the 15th century sakkos came into general use by bishops.


(Panagia) is a round icon of the Theotokos or Jesus. Decorated or encrusted with gems, it is worn on a breast, on top of vestments.


(stole) is a strip of cloth which traditionally has seven crosses on it. It is worn over the sticharion around the neck. Its ends are fastened together so that they hang down equally in front.


(belt) is a symbol of serving God and of a divine power.


are cuffs that are pulled together with laces. They symbolize God's blessing for the conduct of the sacraments.


(palitza) is a diamond-shaped piece of fabric with a cross in the center. It is suspended by one corner from a strap, worn on the right side. In a symbolic sense, the epigonation symbolizes the sword of the Spirit.


is a long band of brocade embroidered with crosses. An omophorion is worn over a sakkos, about the neck and shoulders of a bishop. One end of the great omophorion descends onto the back, and the other onto the chest. It symbolizes a lost sheep, which the shepherd returns to his herd.


is a rounded headgear. It is encrusted with gems, patterns and small icons. Symbolizes the crown of thorns of Jesus.

The mandatory accessory of a divine service led by a bishop is the crosier.

Our online-store offers bishop's vestments of various colors, sets and with a variety of decorative finishes.

The abundance of fabrics and their quality will ensure comfortable wearing of vestments.


! Before buying or ordering, pay particular attention to taking measurements.

An example of a ready-made bishop’s vestment:

Fabric: Greek brocade.

Finish: Greek galloon.

Cross: machine embroidery.

Fabric color: red.

Lining: satin.

Tassels and fringe: gold thread, handmade.

Expensive accessories and expensive metal buttons.


A complete set of vestments.

In addition to the set, you can order a sticharion and chalice covers.

Before ordering, you can change the components of the set, choose other accessories or the color of the fabric.