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Galloon is a brocade ribbon or braid with various patterns.

It is decorated with golden, silver, brass, tin or copper threads.

In the manufacturing of Greek galloon only threads sputtered with precious metals (silver and gold) are used. Such technology adds density and strength to it.

The base is monochromatic, in one of the seven liturgical colors.

Galloon keeps its shape well, does not deform during sewing to the main fabric, does not lose its luster and color when worn, does not fade.

Galloons can be a separate woven product, and can be embroidered on the ready-made fabric.

We offer sewable galloons in 34 variants to choose from.

The width of the galloon varies, depending on its usage on each garment. In our store Greek galloons are available, with a width of 2, 4 and 6 centimeters.

The pattern of the main product, preferably made of brocade, can be accentuated using a correctly selected pattern of the galloon.

Please note that it is better to choose a galloon for vestments in the same place as the main fabric. So you will avoid excessive flicker due to different shades of gold in the thread.


In order not to make a mistake in choosing a galloon for your vestment, you should check the quality characteristics of the braid. 

The main criterion is the density of its woven base. It should not have a large distance between the threads.

Another factor for quality control: a good Greek galloon does not shrink. It can be cleaned without subsequent deformation.

Poor quality galloon when ironing or steaming will just shrink the fabric.

And this, in general, will noticeably affect the product as a whole.


Ordering galloon you will receive a 100% high-quality product.

Moreover, we offer an integrated approach. You can buy ready-made vestments or order an individual tailoring of the one-of-a-kind, based on your measurements, sketches and wishes.


And our permanent bonus services for customers:

- Free shipping to the USA and Canada when ordering vestments and other goods in the amount of more than US $600;

- Insurance of your order to protect yourself against cases of loss or damage during shipment. The cost of insurance is 15% of the amount. In case of loss of the insured item, we will produce your order again completely free of charge or refund the money.

* The insurance cost is not refundable.