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Vestments colors meaning

16:06 06 May 2021
Vestments colors meaning

In ancient times, vestments were exclusively white, which symbolized the spiritual purity of the one wearing it.
In modern use there are different colors: white, yellow, red, blue, blue, green, purple, black, as well as other colors of the celebrated event.

Divine service vestments of the clergy and the throne come in different colors, depending on the holiday or occasion of the service. On this basis, it is possible to highlight the basic colors of church tissues necessary for each Orthodox parish:

white vestment

White is the most solemn color, it is a symbol of the undigested Divine Light. All the Lord's feasts, Lazarev and Holy Sabbath, the memory of the incorruptible Angelic powers, are held in white. This is the colour with which the Easter divine service begins. The clergy also use white vestments during the sacraments: weddings, baptisms, and all funeral services.

red vestment
Red is the colour of untold love. The main part of the Easter divine service, right up to the Ascension, is performed there. But red is also considered as the colour of blood and suffering. Therefore red vestments are also used on martyrs' remembrance days.

yellow vestment
Yellow and gold are the colours of greatness and glory and considered to be the main divine service colours. It is also used on the days of remembrance of prophets and apostles.

blue vestment
Blue is the color of heaven and purity - the Virgin Mary, who in her womb contains Christ.

green vestment

Green is the Reverend's color, which symbolizes eternal life. It is worn on the day of the Holy Trinity, the Holy Spirit, Palm Sunday and the days of memory of the saints.

purple vestment

Purple - is considered as the color of the Cross. It contains two colors: red (blood) and blue (sky), indicating that the death of Christ on the cross opened the way to heaven. In it serve on the days of memory of the Cross, the Sabbath and the Resurrection of Lent, the first and second finding the head of John the Forerunner.

black vestment

Black or dark brown is a symbol of repentance and denial. It is considered to be a color of fasting, it accompanies the daily services of Lent.

What color is choosen depending on holiday or event.

  • yellow is almost the most commonly used color.
  • white is used on the Feast of the Lord,
  • blue - on the Feast of the Mother of God;
  • red vestments are worn on the Feast of Easter,
  • black - on Lent,
  • green - on the Trinity,
  • purple - on the Exaltation of the Cross.

You can find church fabric of different colours that will help you to celebrate all the Lord's feasts or pick up fabrics that will be a great gift for a priest or bishop.

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