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Church vestments and fabrics

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Church Chandeliers

15:47 02 December 2020
Church Chandeliers

Church chandelier (panikadilo) - is an utensils that illuminates the temple. As a rule, it's made of brass, and less often - of bronze and other metals.

"Panikadilo" can be both single and multilevel. The most ancient chandeliers were single-storyed chores, in the shape of the wheel rim.

According to the Church Charter, during Sunday and festive services, all lamps are lit (including emergency), including panikadilo. It makes an image of God's light, which will shine faithful in the Kingdom of Heaven. Chandelier with many lights  symbolically means the Heavenly Church as a constellation, a gathering of people, sanctified by the grace of the Holy Spirit, burning with the fire of love for God.

church chandelier

How to choose 

Intending to buy a church chandelier you should consider the whole lighting system of the church building. As a rule, the biggest light source is placed in the central aisle. It can be the biggest decoration of the church interior.  That's why think in advance about all the characteristics of the temple lighting system.

Different kinds of church chandeliers:

  • multi-storey
  • modern
  • antique
  • adorned with a cross, icons, figures of angels, etc.
  • sconces, that are placed on the walls.


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